The Week’s Most Popular Posts: January 6-10, 2014

Let’s take a look back at the most popular posts from the week that was….


world's best lasagnaThe English-speaking world’s most popular recipe has been pinned over 25,000 times, according to theWashington Post. It has over 10,000 ratings on, and has been seen online by over 12 million people. It is (drumroll, of course) The World’s Best Lasagna, written by John Chandler, a Georgia-born Texas man, and it’s been the most popular recipe on AllRecipes for over ten years.



From The English-Speaking World’s Most Popular Recipe, by Amanda Nelson


You buy food with good intentions. ORGANIZED intentions. You have a shopping list, you have a meal plan. But then you get sick, you get pregnant, you get busy, you get invited over for dinner. Sometimes you eyeball that borderline eggplant you meant to cook last week and think, It’ll be easier to throw that out than it will be to make it into something before it becomes sentient.

From Why I Throw Out So Much Food (And What I’m Throwing Out) by Raych Krueger


1. Invite the bombshell: A little sexual tension and lots of flirting can charge the room with just the right energy. Besides, nobody will notice if the tenderloin is overcooked if they’ve got their eyes on the knockout at the table.

From The Number One Secret To Throwing A Great Party from Wini Moranville


The Airplane Old Fashioned

Airplane Old-Fashioned2013 has been a year of travel for me. Intense, gut-wrenching travel, to and from all the corners of this fine country. But at that moment when I realized I could BMOB (bring my own bitters) on a flight and whip up an easy old-fashioned while at 37,000 feet, the reality of the shifting time zones became a little less painful. It’s easy! First, ask the flight attendant for their in-flight bourbon, along with a cup of ice, an empty cup, and a packet of sugar. Next, pour the packet of sugar into the empty cup. Add a couple dashes of bitters from your travel-sized bitters bottle, a capful of water from your water bottle, and muddle with the top of the bitters bottle. Finally, dump the ice in, stir, and voila!



From The Drinks That Defined My 2013 by Shannon McIntyre Hooper



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