How To

Easiest Cookie Mushroom How-To: A Photo Essay

cookie muschrooms step 1Step 1: Get cookies. These are “wafer rolls” from Aldi.

cookie mushrooms step 2Step 2: Get other cookies. These are pfeffernüsse (glazed), also from Aldi.

cookie mushrooms step 3Step 3: Cut a little divot in the bottom of the cookie with a sharp paring knife.

cookie mushrooms step 5Step 4: Stick the cream wafer roll in the divot. Be firm but gentle. (Like you haven’t heard that one before).

cookie mushrooms step 4Step 5: Sift a little cocoa powder on top. Just a teeny bit’ll do.

cookie mushrooms step 6Step 6: Decorate away!


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About Sara Bir

Sara Bir often cooks vegan food at home, but sometimes she puts chicken or bacon fat in it. Read her blog, The Sausagetarian, and find her on Twitter: @Sausagetarian.