5 Food Kickstarters to Back in December

Kickstarter is a genius concept: develop a project, have supporters fund it before you start, then provide the funders with the finished product or some sort of reward after you’re done. There are hundreds of food-related Kickstarters going on at any one time, from veggie genetics research and development to new designs in cutting board tech. Here are a few food-related projects you can back now (and do so quickly because they only run for a limited time):


1. The Searzall



“Turns a blowtorch into a hand-held supercharged instant-power broiler. Sears fish, sous-vide, pizza, cheese, foie, and everything else.”


2. All Natural Licorice from Hawaiian Licorice Company

hawaiian licorice

“It’s no secret, we’re huge licorice fans and have been passionately working towards launching the very first Hawaiian Licorice Company. Living on the island of O’ahu, with its gentle trade winds and refreshing tropical rains, has been a source of inspiration for each of our recipes. We believe we’ve created a perfect blend of rich, natural ingredients that provides a mouthwateringly delightful treat – with a texture that provides a soft bite and rich exquisite taste.

We’d like to launch by introducing four flavors we’re extremely proud of: Garden Isle Mango, Aloha Cherry, Strawberry Sunset and an incredible Tropical Storm Black Licorice.”


3. Canadian Black Garlic

canadian black garlic

“My Quest for something to tantalize the Canadian palate began with a simple question:  What do we Grow locally?  Major Craig’s Chutneys have always used as much local farm produce as we can… but what else is out there?  I had been introduced to Korean Black Garlic (black garlic originated in Korea thousands of years ago) and while Standing at our booth at the Garlic Festival the answer was literally right in front of me.  At the time, no one else was making Black Garlic in Canada and I took on the task with a local college of researching the process and benefits of making Black Garlic. “

4. Day Dream Delights Turkish Delights

turkish delight

“Soft & chewy Turkish Delights in AMAZING flavors- Chocolate Cake, Crumb Cake, Apple Martini, Pina Colada PLUS new flavors!”

5. Single Serve, Pour Over Coffee

pour over coffee

“Brew your own single cups of fresh, gourmet-quality drip coffee anytime and anywhere with just hot water. No grinding, vacuuming, or cleaning required!

There’s no need to purchase a pricey single-serving coffeemaker and be tethered to it or buy lackluster, overpriced brews on the go for the sake of convenience.”



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