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Morning Grind: December 4, 2013

By on December 4, 2013 8:00am EST

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Children no longer have an excuse to leave the Brussels Sprouts at Christmas as Waitrose has become the first to develop a “kid friendly” version of the notorious festive vegetable.

The supermarket chain is sending the new, sweeter variety of the sprout into stores for a limited two week period today after working with growers to develop the product.

MUST we add sugar to everything to get kids to eat it? 


Applebee’s, the nation’s largest casual dining chain, on Tuesday will announce plans to place tablets at every table in every one of its U.S. restaurants by the end of 2014. Folks can use the tablets to pay whenever they want — and to order things like appetizers, desserts or even play video games.

The future is now, I guess.


Pizza Hut is attempting to smooth over a scandal from last week that resulted in a Elkhart, Indiana manager being fired after he refused to make his employees work on Thanksgiving. According to a statement on their Facebook page, the whole incident “could and should have been avoided.” They claim former manager Tony Rohr has been offered his job back, although according to a local news report below, Rohr has yet to accept the position.

I hope he finds a better, totally kick-ass job somewhere else.


Put down that Bloody Mary you just made with boring ole flavorless vodka.

UV Vodka, the brand behind flavors like Sweet Green Tea and Espresso, has introduced Sriracha-flavored vodka.

Sriracha is the new bacon is the new cupcake?



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Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson is the Senior Editor and Community Manager at Food Riot. Give her all the bacon and eggs you have. Follow her on Twitter: @ImAmandaNelson


  • Anna

    Are they adding sugar to the Brussels Sprouts? They way I read it, it’s just a less-bitter variety, which I think is great. I didn’t like the veggie as a kid because it was always too bitter (a combination of the plant and how my mom cooked them), but I love them now. To me, this reads like the difference between regular carrots and baby carrots – it’s not that there’s added sugar, but it appeals more to the underdeveloped pallets of kids and, heck, gets them to eat vegetables!

    Also, for the love of all that is holy, stop boiling your Brussels Sprouts, people!

    • Amanda Nelson

      They’ve developed a variety that is sweeter, which is another way of saying they’ve engineered a variety that has a higher sugar content. I don’t think the baby carrots analogy holds here, since baby carrots are just normal carrots cut down to size and peeled. These sprouts are specifically altered to have more sugar.