5 Not-So-Essential Tools To Have In a Tiny Kitchen

This is a guest post from Melissa Kravitz. While being New York’s most fabulous resident consumes most of her time, Melissa enjoys excessive amounts of reading, crafting, shopping, cooking, and befriending cute puppies. Melissa considers herself NYC’s ultimate pasta expert. She currently works as a food writer for local publications and online, and aspires to one day become Ruth Bourdain. You can probably find her in Williamsburg, looking beautiful, sipping iced coffee, and working on her novel about teenage girls who hate each other. She’s on Twitter @melissabethk.

In a tiny Manhattan apartment, all you really need in the kitchen (if you’re not using it for shoe storage) is a pot, some bowls to eat out of, and a variety of disposable utensils collected from local takeout restaurants.

However, if you’re a foodie with a small kitchen, a few tools are worth splurging on, for both cost and space, to make the most of your tiny accommodations.

-A pasta maker.  This may seem like a ridiculous tool to have, but pasta rollers start at less than $50 and create a cheap and impressive meal for company.  The cost will easily reimburse itself after a few batches.  A pasta maker is compact and sturdy enough to store almost anywhere, but being creative with counter space always helps when using the actual machine.

-A Magic Bullet or equivalent combination compact blender and food processor.  This machine truly does everything- from blending smoothies to pureeing soups and sauces and crushing ice.  It’s mostly vertical so it takes up very little space and it’s useful to some capacity for pretty much every meal.

-A nonstick frying pan.  A quality nonstick pan is highly versatile for cooking– from sautéing to frying to even boiling—and can even be used for serving when placed on a trivet.

-A wire strainer.  Useful as both a colander for draining items like pasta and propped over a pot for steaming items like vegetables, this tool is slim, inexpensive and highly practical.

-A teakettle. Sure, you can use your saucepan or microwave to heat water, but it’s so soothing to hear the whistle of a warming teapot as it comes to a boil. Serving guests from a teapot is so much more elegant than microwaved mugs! Teapots are also totally acceptable to store on your stove, so finding excess storage for this piece is unnecessary.

Everyone has her own priorities and preferences, but when you’re trying to stock your miniscule kitchen with appliances, be sure to think of what’s most versatile and storable!


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  • Jane Ward

    There’s no excuse for not having a teakettle. Preferably in a pretty color.

  • Ibex

    Microwaved mugs?.. Nooooooo!