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Use It Up: What To Do With Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Discovering that I have leftover mashed potatoes is the greatest of culinary discoveries. I would eat the stuff (with brown gravy) for every meal for the rest of my life, without complaint. However, not everyone in the house is as open to eating the same ol’ mashed potatoes over and over (THE CHEEK, I KNOW) so here are a few variations on the theme:

1. Mashed Potato Patties! They’re like pancakes, only nothing like pancakes (except for the shape and color)! Serve them with some wilted greens for pretties.

leftover-parmesan-mashed-potato-pattiesParmesan Mashed Potato Patties from Skinny Taste

2. Shepherd’s Pie, natch. Shepherd’s pie is a leftover-lover’s best friend. It’s basically a ground meat/veggie blend topped with mashed potatoes and baked, and you can really use whatever ground meat and vegetables you want. Or, ya know, just do what Martha tells you to:

martha stewart shepherd's pie

Martha’s Shepherd’s Pie

3. Soouuuuuppp. Find your favorite baked potato soup recipe and sub out the cubed potatoes for however much mashed potato you have left.

baked potato soupBaked Potato Soup from the Smitten Kitchen

4. Perogi because carbs wrapped in carbs are the happiest carbs of all.

potato perogiesPotato perogi from Spoonful. Just use your leftover mashed potatoes as the filling.

5. Gnocchi! Gnocchi are little pasta/potato dumplings that are super-easy to make and are a great way to use up both leftover mashed potatoes and the rest of that jar of tomato sauce that’s been in your fridge for too long YOU KNOW THE ONE.


Homemade gnocchi from Bev Cooks

6. Potato bread because now we’re talkin’ carbs BAKED INTO carbs, I can’t even.

potato breadKing Arthur’s potato bread recipe

  • Jane Ward

    I actually just made pierogi for the first time and had a ton of the potato/onion/carrot stuffing leftover. That shiz got fried up in even more butter the next morning and made best friends with some scrambled eggs. It was heavenly.

  • Liberty