The Ultimate San Francisco Feast…At Home

By on November 5, 2013 1:30pm EST

I’ve been away from San Francisco for three months now, and I miss it dearly: my friends, my neighborhood, the murals, the magic, the fog (just kidding), and the glorious food. But as in most cities, dining out in San Francisco can be competitive, expensive, and ultimately exhausting. I still recommend you try it whenever you get the chance, but here are 10 quintessential San Francisco recipes that you can make at home. Provided you have access to squash blossoms, caçhaca, and edible gold leaf, of course…

gilded lily cocktail alembic

Apertif: The Gilded Lily
Restaurant: The Alembic
Get things started off Gold Rush-style with a gold encrusted cocktail. For real.

bar tartine pickles

Bar Snack: Pickled Carrots, Green Tomatoes, & Watermelon Radishes
Restaurant: Bar Tartine
As if I didn’t already love Bar Tartine enough, they now have an entire pickle menu.

State Bird Provisions fried asparagus

Fried Bar Snack: Fried Asparagus With Caesar Dressing
Restaurant: State Bird Provisions

nopa tomato cocktail

Cocktail: Primera Menina
Restaurant: NoPa
The season’s best tomatoes combined with smoky cachaça, basil, and lemon.

pizzeria delfina cauliflowers

Vegetable: Spicy Cauliflower
Restaurant: Pizzeria Delfina
I’ll have one order of cauliflower with my pizza and another for dessert, please.

nopalito squash blossom empanadas

Main Dish: Squash Blossom Empanadas
Restaurant: Nopalito
These look like they might be a little time-consuming: you should probably make Nopalito’s Fried Garbanzo Beans to get you through it.

burma superstar coconut rice

Side Dish: Coconut Rice
Restaurant: Burma Superstar
This rice is so decadent that I told my dining companion, “You should serve this at your wedding instead of cake.”

Frances lumberjack cake

Dessert: Lumberjack Cake
Restaurant: Frances
Any recipe that calls for a cup of dates is fine by me.

Starbelly cocktail

Digestif: The Cask Of Oloroso
Restaurant: Starbelly
Sherry, allspice syrup, bitters, and lemon finish the meal off nicely.

sesame absinthe cigars blue bottle coffee

Final Bite: Sesame Absinthe Cigars
Restaurant: Blue Bottle Coffee
Perfectly subtle paired with a sherry cocktail.


Can you imagine anyone preparing such a feast?! I would probably make the cocktails and the cauliflower and call it a day.




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Tess Wilson

Tess Wilson writes for Apartment Therapy, reads cookbooks like they're juicy novels, and eats most full-grown men under the table. She would like just a little more salt, please.