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Morning Grind: October 14, 2013

Our daily morning roundup of food-related fare from around the web.

“We asked them, after they’d spent a few moments in each room, to think about how intense was the grassiness on the nose, how sweet the taste of the whiskey in the mouth, and how rich was the textured woody aftertaste of the drink.”

The result: People rated the same drink differently depending on which room they were in, even though they knew they were carrying just one glass.

Your environment can change how your whiskey tastes. Time to finally build that all-mahogany library!


Then again, not every student has as privileged a background as four Oxford Brookes University undergraduates who brought their quarry back to their halls of residence.

Johnny Windsor-Clive, Miles Pattison-Appleton, Alex Archer and James Birley had run-ins with the university’s wardens after they hung the birds in their rooms and then again when they plucked them in a courtyard.

When super-rich teens in America get in the news for getting in trouble, it’s generally much, much worse than game hunting.


According to The Local, in €8.7 billion, or $11.8 billion, was thrown out in 2012, even though 90 percent of people surveyed said they thought food waste was a serious problem in Italy. Among the surveyed Italians, 57 percent said they “almost never” threw food away, while 27 percent said they threw away food less than once a week. 

Bad Italy! Go to your room!


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