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Good Morning To Me! Chocolate On My Cereal

chocolate cereal breakfast
Breakfast of champs, by Tess Wilson

Breakfast is the meal that prepares us for the day and cheers us on, a tiny, daily Best Wishes! party thrown in our honor and a get-psyched mix all in one. It is jazz hands and fuel and fortification, a small, often solitary, frequently pre-dawn meal that makes the rest of our day and life possible. And for those and many other reasons, it should have chocolate on it.

For the last three years or so, I have started every workday with a pot of black tea and a bowl of cereal. The tea is generally English Breakfast with almond milk and sugar, and the cereal varies by whim and sale: raisin bran, heritage flakes, blueberry flax, various granolas, and more. Not matter what the cereal already contains, I like to add raisins or dried apricots for iron, walnuts or almonds for protein, and chocolate for power. For joy. For whatever magic chocolate contains “that may induce the release of endogenous molecules that act similar to heroin and produce a feeling of euphoria”. It’s good to start each day off with a bit of euphoria, no?

I use dark chocolate, usually 70%- chips work perfectly or you can chop or break larger bars or chunks. It really doesn’t take much chocolate to transform ordinary breakfast cereal, so I never worry about the additional fat or calories. I don’t worry about being judged either, and neither should you. Put chocolate on your cereal and announce to the morning, “I am freaking ALIVE! Let’s do this.”


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About Tess Wilson

Tess Wilson writes for Apartment Therapy, reads cookbooks like they're juicy novels, and eats most full-grown men under the table. She would like just a little more salt, please.

  • Insatiable Booksluts

    YESSS. Cascadian Farm makes a dark chocolate granola that is one of the best cereals I have ever had. I am in favor of this chocolate on cereal business.