Morning Grind

Morning Grind: September 30, 2013

Our daily morning roundup of food-related fare from around the web.

Juicing has become one of 2013′s hottest trends, with juicer sales rocketing – Lakeland recently reported a 4,000% sales rise. Grazia is filled with celebrities clutching terrifying sludge-green concoctions. Home juicing is no longer the preserve of yoga-panted flax-seed munchers called Dusk; and outside the home, some venture capitalists are banking on juice bars becoming the new coffee shop.

When given the choice between a coffee shop and a juice bar, I will never not ever never pick the juice bar not ever.


Celebrity chef placements with big box stores can have messy breakups, too: while Paula Deen is out rehabilitating her image, Walmart is still selling her branded products — for the next three months, anyways — after dumping her back in June. Because a breakup just not as simple as throwing out her clothes (and cookware, and cookbooks).

Not gonna lie, I hadn’t heard that Wal-Mart dropped Paula, and it surprises me a little.


A recent study from Iowa State University and Cornell asked people to pour what they thought were normal sized glasses of wine into a variety of different glasses, and they found that when pouring white wine people poured 9 percent more than red wine because the wine is harder to see in a clear glass.

This one’s for you, white wine drinkers.


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