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Morning Grind: September 11, 2013

Our daily morning roundup of food-related fare from around the web.

But there’s a growing backlash against the synthetic dyes that give us these eye-popping hues. And now scientists are turning to the little-known (and little-grown) purple sweet potato to develop plant-based dyes that can be labeled as nonthreatening vegetable juice.

Let’s do it, to it!

In their latest effort to appeal to millennials, Olive Garden is introducing small, portion-controlled plates to the menu. The new dishes will include deep fried risotto balls, chicken skewers, garlic hummus and Pizza Fritta Napoli, aka fried pizza dough topped with alfredo sauce.

When tapas comes to the Garden, you know the trend is done.


Churchill famously had a whole thing about merely bowing toward France when mixing a martini instead of using any actual vermouth; Robert DeNiro likes his shaken 30 to 45 seconds longer than “the way they teach you in bartending school” so it gets those cool ice chips on top when it’s poured; Hemingway called his preferred martini ratio — fifteen parts gin to one part vermouth — the Montgomery, named for a British general who would only go into battle if his forces outnumbered his foe’s fifteen to one.

If Churchill didn’t have to drink a “correct” martini, I don’t either.


Now this is a hybrid food we can get behind: Shake Shack is about to debut a “Cronut hole concrete” for one day only at its Madison Square Garden location on Tuesday, September 17th. 

In partnership with Ansel, no less. Is this his first corporate cronut partnership?


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