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Morning Grind: September 10, 2013

By on September 10, 2013 8:00am EST

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But the busier it got the more the staff seemed to get annoyed with my child being there. Making an obvious fuss about navigating the high chair etc, and refusing to keep an eye on him for only two minutes while we went outside for a cigarette between courses.



I put the question to Stig, who looks shifty, and mentions the words “secret recipe” – the marketing man’s dream ticket. The holes are apparently classified information, although he will reveal that they are the product of a unique blend of cheese cultures, described as “the very soul’ of Jarlsberg”, and made to a recipe known only to a handful of Norwegians, who, like the royal family, are never allowed to travel together.

I really hope that’s true.


Stocks and broths both start off the same way: various kitchen scraps of vegetable, meat, and bone are slowly simmered to extract as much flavor as possible. For stock, it stops there — this is an unseasoned liquid that doesn’t taste all too great on its own, but makes a fantastic neutral base for soups, sauces, and other kitchen creations.

Broths, on the other hand, get some seasoning. 

Time to stop using the words interchangeably, Nelson.



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