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Let’s say you’re in the mood for a cocktail, but you can’t decide on which cocktail you want. You could always go for an old standby, but you’re tired of the same-old same-old. You’re in a rut and you don’t know how to get out of it! Well, I have just the site to put the spirit back into your love affair with classic cocktails: Classic Mixology.

A collection of recipes from 15 pre-Prohibition cocktail books like The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock (1917) and The World’s Drinks And How To Mix Them by William T Boothby (1907), Classic Mixology lets you search for cocktails by function (morning, medicinal, digestif), mood (manly, romantic, reckless), name or original source.

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I am completely fascinated by the mood search feature, because it’s eerily accurate. I can only imagine the hours of research that went into determining the best mood one should be in to drink every one these cocktails. Feeling relaxed? Try a margarita, champagne sour, or whiskey cobbler. In a reckless frame of mind? You can’t go wrong with absinthe. If you’re feeling fickle, try a BVD Cocktail, which somehow is EXACTLY the cocktail you need when you’re being fickle. I don’t know how or why this search feature works, but it does.

But sometimes you don’t know what mood you’re in! In that case you can always rely on the time of day or year to decide what to drink. If it’s before dinner, try a negroni or metropole cocktail; summer calls for sweeter cocktails like the ward 8.

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In addition to those fun features, Classic Mixology also has a listing of recommended bars in the US, fun quotes from famous drinkers like Dorothy Parker and WC Fields, helpful indexes of ingredients and measurements (for example, what the heck is Batavia arrack? Answer: rum), AND you can create an account to save your favorite cocktail recipes.

Now you know where to go the next time you’re lost and looking for a quirky new-to-you cocktail. Enjoy!

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