Morning Grind

Morning Grind: August 27, 2013

Our daily morning roundup of food-related fare from around the web.

Guinea pigs are adorable pets to some people and a culinary delight to others, but some fairgoers in Minneapolis are probably rethinking their choice to chow down on some cavies after some 81 people were sickened by Salmonella-tainted guinea pig meat earlier this month.

Maybe the lesson here isn’t “don’t be adventurous” but is “don’t be adventurous at the fair.”


Ah, yes — autumn’s coming. There have been other, more subtle clues: a shifting of light at sunset so that the far wall of the garden is briefly lit, a touch of blush appearing on the topmost apples on the courtyard tree,  the occasional scarlet leaf scuttling along the sidewalk. But  I’ve been distracted by the tumble of summer tomatoes and sweet melons and the enormous and occasionally confusing selection of exotic looking summer squash and zucchini. Summer is still in the center of the stage but the slow turning has started.

A lovely meditation on the transition between summer and fall. Bring on the pumpkin bread!


If these measurements are correct, Oreo has some explaining to do. Double Stuf Oreos don’t have exactly double the creme of a regular Oreo.

Say it isn’t so!



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