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Morning Grind: August 19, 2013

Our daily morning roundup of food-related fare from around the web.

Specifically, researchers found a 21 percent higher risk of death among people younger than age 55 who drank more than 28 cups of coffee each week (which averages out to more than four cups of coffee a day).

However, it’s important to note that people younger than 55 who tended to drink more than four cups of coffee a day were also more likely to smoke and less likely to have good cardiorespiratory fitness.

Correlation v. causation for the win.


Since 2011, the “Viennese coffeehouse” has been on its list of Austria’s protected “intangible cultural heritage.” UNESCO created this designation in 2003 in an effort to preserve significant parts of culture that don’t happen to be buildings or mountains. According to UNESCO’s website, the Viennese coffeehouse is “where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill” — at the very least, this has to be the metaphysically interesting entry on the list.

If we protected “coffeehouse culture” around my parts, we’d be protecting freelancers working on MacBooks in Starbucks.


As you can see in the chart above, kale does exceed the other greens in vitamins A and C, but Swiss chard has 16 percent more iron than kale. Collard greens has 18 percent more calcium per serving of kale and double the amount of protein and iron. And mustard greens holds its own by having the least amount of calories and slightly more protein and calcium than kale.

Over the kale frenzy? Other leafy greens are just as nutritious. 


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