Food Fetish

Food Fetish: Great Outdoors Edition

Must-haves for your cooking and eating life.

Since a huge part of summer is insisting on doing everything outside, like eating, we’ve got you covered. Even if you realize that then you’re sweaty, and it’s hot and there’s bugs and dirt. OUTDOORS!

The Manhattan Portable Cocktail Party - Be outdoorsy with class


Kate Spade Picnic Blanket - Cheeky, and a good way to flag everyone back to the picnic area when they’ve drunk all the Manhattans.


Picnic Barbecue Swiss Knife Tool - Be well prepared on your next outing


Mesh Food Tent - Get ‘dem bugs out of there! Nothing’s more appetizing then flies hanging out on your noms.


Folding Cheeseboard with Knives - It’s not a party until someone brings the cheese and appropriate cutting utensils!




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  • Clinton Kabler

    Love the portable cocktail party!