Morning Grind

Morning Grind: July 10, 2013

Our daily morning roundup of food-related fare from around the web.

It appears that farmers have gotten part of the message: Biotechnology alone will not solve their rootworm problems. But instead of shifting away from those corn hybrids, or from corn altogether, many are doubling down on insect-fighting technology, deploying more chemical pesticides than before.

When genetic engineering of food fails, dump more chemicals on it! Hooray for science!


I’ve decided to go vegan.

Yep. Vegan all the way. Not for ethical reasons, but for reasons of vanity. I’m getting fat. I’m getting old and the fat tends to stick around. And where diets are concerned, I know one thing for sure: it’s very hard to gain weight on a vegan diet. So vegan it is, at least until I drop twenty.

Oh, Michael Ruhlman. Another one bites the dust.


British folk revivalists Mumford and Sons announced this weekend that they have partnered with a brewery to concoct their own beer. For the Lewes summer festival, the group teamed with a local Brewery called Harvey to concoct the “Lewes Stopover Brew” in a move that band leader  Marcus Mumford seems to see as an extension of the culture of music.

 Raise your hand if you’re surprised. *sits on hands*



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