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What’s In Your Fridge: The Other Side

By on June 24, 2013 12:30pm EST

What’s In Your Fridge gives you a sneak peek into the hallowed kitchen ground of our contributors: their refrigerators. If you’d like to give us a tour of your own culinary catch-all, email us at foodriot (at) foodriot (dot) com.

The outside of my fridge is way more awesome than the inside. I typically buy groceries to last seven days, then I replenish on Monday. Menus are planned well in advance, and typically we don’t deviate. Since today is Monday… the right side is pretty much empty. Lots o’ condiments in the door, a pitcher of sweet tea, and two hot dogs.


On the freezer door, I have two coupons for BOGO Krystal burgers held in place by my plumber’s magnet. His motto is “A flush beats a full house,” and damn, he’s right. He visits us about once every six months. Wooded lots are fun until tree roots grow through your pipes. The pictures are of my dog Ralph playing piano, John Grisham and meselfs, and Robby G and me at our favorite restaurant, Ajax Diner, in Oxford, Mississippi.

The fridge door shows off a poster of Mississippi spelled in hieroglyphs and a signed and numbered print of the first page of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern I received as a gift from the publisher for being an early cheerleader. It’s on the fridge to remind me to have it framed. The book has been out for, um, a while now.

Let’s get to the good stuff! What’s in my FREEZER?


This is where the true juicy dirt is. Things in the freezer tend to stay there for eons. My freezer is about to show you that. The ice maker quit working a few years ago, so we won’t talk about that. First shelf: frozen pineapple fruit bars (the greatest cold snack on the planet), chopped spinach, and see that pink container? That’s my wedding cake. Friday is our five year anniversary. Think it’s still good? It didn’t make its way to Mississippi until shortly after our first anniversary and at this point I want to see how long I can keep it. If I had made the top layer lemon or strawberry flavored like I did the other four layers, we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion. It’s plain ol’ wedding cake.

Shelf #2: where the processed ready-made foods go. What we have here is a collection of pizzas in French bread form and small round form. Also… TOTS. TOTS. TOTS. TOTS. I had a thing with tater tots waaaay before Napoleon Dynamite made them cool.

Third shelf: toffee ice cream and my ice cream maker ready to go. I don’t think that needs any explainin’.

Bottom shelf: ready-made appetizers. I never know when people are going to pop in (my college friends like to stop by without calling first… LOVE YOU GUYS!), so I like to have snacks handy.

Now I have to tell the world about the burrito in the door. OK, when we first bought the house, Robby G lived in it by himself for a few weeks. He did the total bachelor thing and bought a bunch of horrible processed disgusting food. When I moved in and we went to the store for the first time, somehow this BURRITO got tucked away and buried. I found it several months years later. That burrito has lived in my house longer than I have.

It’s also really fun to say, “I have a burrito in my freezer I’ve had a longer relationship with.” Or make frozen burrito in the freezer references at any possible opportunity.





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Emily Gatlin

Emily Gatlin is a former independent bookstore manager turned freelance writer. She writes about books, blunders, and noms at A Prose For Emily. Follow her on Twitter: @emilygatlin.