Bring Things to My Mouth, Please: Food Subscription Services

I’m a person who really likes grocery shopping; it’s strange, I know. But sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m already in the early stages of hangry and just the thought of having to put pants on  and select something to feed myself, makes me want to flail around in a toddler-esque meltdown. With that being said, a really awesome new thing that is happening is subscription sampler boxes. Sample and full sized goodies are delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis. Most boxes are marketed around a theme such as healthy snacks, gourmet or a certain type of food. It’s like Christmas for your mouth…every month.

I’ve rounded up a selection of some of the most popular and most amusing subscription snack boxes around for your perusal:

For a good cause:

If you need to snack with a clean conscious, Love with Food donates a meal to a food bank for every month you sign up for. Plans range between $10-$12 depending on how many months you sign-up for, making this one of the least expensive subscriptions. Each month you receive at least 8 sample-sized items and if you like them they offer full sized versions on their website which you can earn points towards discounts on.

For the Foodie:

For the person of discerning palates who wants to impress, many boxes feature artisan made yummies, such as The Goodies Co. which features 7 or more sample sized items for $7/month that you can review. Each box contains items based on a theme such as pairings, a season or a flavor.


Also, GourmetSpotting is a good bet if you’re looking for a box with a little more oomph. For $30/month you get 4-6 full-sized gourmet items sourced from all over the world.

For the Health Nut:

Trying to kick that nasty habit of mindlessly snacking on junk? Luckily their are a ton of boxes geared toward delivering healthy snacks straight to you. Nature Box offers a variety of plans based on whether you plan on sharing your loot or not from $20- $50 that include 5-20 full sized healthy snacking options. They also include specialty boxes geared towards road trips, work outs and holiday snacking among other things.


Or, if you’re looking for something geared more towards workout nutrition and supplements, Bulu Box has you covered. For $10/month-to-month or $110 a year you’ll get several samples of health, nutrition and weight loss products as well as earn points towards buying full-sized versions at a discount.

 For Restricted Diets & Allergies:

Tired of having to read the packages of all of your food to make sure you won’t collapse in allergic shock? Tasterie has you covered. Whether it’s a specific allergy or just a restricted diet, simply tell them what you’re look for and they’ll send a specially selected box full of treats just for you for $18 -$25/ a month.


Jumping on the Paleo wagon? PaleoPax has all your neanderthally needs covered for $18/month.


Because you can:

Looking for a good gift to give or just looking to indulge? Plenty of companies have your niche snacking vices ready to ship. Such as Dumpling Box which each month sends a box full of strange and craveable Asian candies and snacks straight to you for $10/month.


Think subscriptions are for girls? Not The Mantry described as the modern man’s pantry, each month you get 6 full-sized products as well as recipes to try them with in an ultra manly wooden crate. While $75/month is a bit steep, you could always build a fire with your hand-crafted crate or eventually have enough to build a man cave.


What’s your favorite subscription service? Did I miss a good one?




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  • kit steinkellner

    I want to subscribe to all of these and have my pantry be the most schizophrenic place in my house.

  • Teawench

    Dumpling box is out of biz as of May 2013 :-( I totally would have signed up for that!

  • claudiagold

    I really like Mission Food Club, based in SF. They give you full-sized items and the foods (such as olive and fig bruschetta) are really delicious.