5 More Food-ish Kickstarters

Kickstarter is a genius concept: develop a project, have supporters fund it before you start, then provide the funders with the finished product or some sort of reward after you’re done. There are hundreds of food-related Kickstarters going on at any one time, from veggie genetics research and development to new designs in cutting board tech. Here are a few food-related projects you can back now (and do so quickly because they only run for a limited time):

1. Shake It Up Flavored Sea Salt

shake it up

“… only the freshest ingredients worked best. No extracts or preservatives. Only the freshest fruits. We pick the lemons and peaches from our own trees. And to be honest, only the best whiskey and tequila produce the best results. I would now like to purchase a professional grade dehydrator to be able to create these salts using less energy. I would also be able to dry more batches at once which will enable me be more productive.”

2. Food Huggers

food huggers


“Food Huggers preserve your leftover fruits and veggies with a tight seal. Keeps your food fresher longer. Save food & save money!”

3. Spiceologist Block

spiceologist block


“Our latest block set holds up to 44 different spices. Not everyone has a need for that many spices, so that’s why we’ve made the block modular.  If you do not want the complete set, just begin with our Starter Block.  The Starter Block holds 22 different spices, but you can always add on our Finishing Block when need be…The Blocks are made of European beech wood.  We love the look of beech and are very impressed with its durability and hardness.  Each block is finished with a protective topcoat that will keep your block beautiful for many years to come. ”

4. Tea Storks

tea storks

“Our awesome tea box holds 15 silky pyramid bags of premium, ethically sourced whole-leaf tea to give you the fullest flavour possible – without the hassle of loose leaf…With teastorks, you can place a standing order for weekly delivery, or you can treat a friend to a single box. Not to mention, it fits through your letter box so that you never miss a delivery.”

5. S’mores Campfire Kit

smores campfire kit


“The S’mores Campfire Kit comes with chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, delivered in a pyramid shaped kindling box that can be upended and lit on fire. They are great for a sweet gift, an outing with the kids, or to share with a party!”




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