7 Perfect Summer Dishes I Can’t Wait to Make

By on June 19, 2013 12:30pm EST

I’ve been such a bad cooking girl this 2013! To be fair, most nights I’ve been getting home around 7-8PM, and who wants to start cooking then? People who live in Europe and eat dinner at 2 in the morning, maybe. But not me. You know how if you feed mogwai after midnight, they turn into gremlins? If you don’t feed me before sunset I turn into a gremlin that’s also a killer robot and a Deatheater and a member of the KGB.

So now that summer’s here, I’m getting some evenings back. Plus weekends! So it’s time to cook. And there are so many fun things to cook during the summer. Below, a checklist of what I’m gunning to make.

Grilled-Peach-Salad-close-4901.) Grilled Peaches

I might grill some cantaloupe and pineapple while I’m at it, just because I can. But I’m DEFINITELY busting out the George Foreman we never use and grilling myself some peaches. I might serve them with honey and yogurt, I might do them up in a salad, or I might decide to inhale my daily caloric intake in the form of desert and do them as a cobbler. Either way it’s happening.

Unknown-662.) Ceviche

I’m obsessed with ceviche. It’s because I’ve eaten the dish in the two best places-to-eat-ceviche in the world–Lima and Cartagena. I will never be able to cook fish in citrus acids as well as they do below the equator. Still I must try! Because nothing says “It’s not going to be Labor Day for another  two months” like ceviche! I like this simple Peruvian ceviche but I’m also super into this shrimp and mango ceviche served inside avocados. Because it’s really fun eating food stuffed inside other food, and fun is my food kryptonite!

images-233.) Ice Cream

No, this is not “I went to the store and bought ice cream and MADE a credit card purchase or cash transaction” ice cream. This is “My future brother- and sister-in-law got me an ice cream maker for my bridal shower and so I’m going to MAKE ICE CREAM WITH ALL SORTS OF DAIRY AND SUGAR AND INGREDIENTS FROM SCRATCH.” I am FEELING this No Cook Fig-Mint Ice Cream recipe pretty hard. As am I this Pumpkin Ice Cream with Pecan Praline . Also I looked up “Maple Bacon Bourbon Ice Cream Recipe” to see if it was a real thing and you guys, it is.

Unknown-674.) Citrus-Roasted Chicken

My caterers are doing this for my wedding and I didn’t even know this recipe existed before but now I know it does and my life will never be the same.





Unknown-685.) Cuban Corn

I had lunch at this Cuban place in Brooklyn the last time I was in New York, Habana Outpost, and I had Cuban Corn for the first time and now I don’t know how I can ever go back to regular corn.




images-246.) Sangria

Why do we even call summer summer? We should just call it sangria. “I can’t wait for this June Gloom to pass so that sangria can finally start.” I really like this red sangria where the secret ingredient is arugula. I’m also ready to make this Thai Basil Sangria. I need to pick a good song to play while whipping this bad girl up. “Sangria in the City”? “Sangria of ’69″? “Boys of Sangria”?

Unknown-697.) Recipes using stuff from my garden

This one’s a bit of a catch-all. It looks like this summer the tomatoes, corn, eggplants, peppers, and zucchini are all going to come out nicely. So bruschetta, cuban corn, something Asian-y and eggplant-y, something Mexican-y and pepper-y, something stuffed inside zucchinis, done and done.

What are you guys making this summer in your kitchens?


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Kit Steinkellner