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Confessions of a Tea Addict

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Hi.  My name is Jacquelyn, and I’m a tea addict.

tea collection

I would say it’s a problem, but I really like this particular addiction. I’m not promoting all addictions, mind you. But I’m okay with being addicted to tea at this point in my life. These are my attempts at getting most of my tea and supplies in one photograph. It was difficult.


Hot. Iced. Herbal. Black. Oolong. Rooibos. Green. Tea in bags. Tea in sachets. Loose leaf.  Infusers. Teapots. Teacups. Kettles. I love every kind and part of tea and the tea making process. I love filling my kettle with water and waiting with anticipation while it warms on the stove. I love the sound my kettle makes when it tells me “It’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!” I love choosing which tea will be the lucky tea for me today. I love getting a face-full of steam as I smell the tea steeping in the water. I love holding the warm mug in my hands, even on hot days. I love the way it tastes. I love the way I feel when I’m sipping tea. Relaxed. Content. Nothing very bad can happen to you when you’re drinking tea.

I love buying tea and tea supplies. There are a few spots in my city where one can go and have his or her choice of dozens of loose leaf teas. My favorite is a little local spot where a beautiful French woman blends all the teas herself and has over 100 Fair Trade organic loose leaf teas. You walk in and she gets to know you and what kind of teas you like, and she helps you make your selection by having you smell the tea leaves. Oh, to choose your tea by smelling the leaves. It’s my favorite way to do it. I find boxes wrapped in cellophane in stores so difficult now that I’ve been spoiled to have a loose leaf tea store nearby. I love finding beautiful teapots and teacups and infusers. I love displaying them in my house.


In my classroom (I’m an art teacher), I have an electric kettle, a collection of mugs, and a pile of teas for my students to use whenever they want. I’m corrupting the youth of America into being tea drinkers like me. Forget your coffee! Forget your energy drinks! Forget your soda! Come into my classroom and I’ll show you the wonder of all that is tea! In exchange, I am often blessed with gifts of tea from my students and former students who come back to visit me.

My family loves tea. I have wonderful memories of my mom brewing me a cup of apple cinnamon tea when I had a sore throat as a little girl. Actually, just yesterday when I was visiting, she made me a cup of tea for my sore throat. So not much has changed. My grandparents are tea drinkers. My dad has a cup of tea after dinner every night. I have a lot of wonderful memories of sipping tea with my brother. Most of my memories with my brother involve tea, now that I think about it.

Is there anyone else out there who relates to this obsession? Where do you go for your tea? What is your favorite kind of tea? What do you love about tea? Want to come hang out and share a teapot or two? Or twelve?




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About Jacquelyn Pascucci

Jacquelyn lives in Richmond, VA with her best human-friend/husband David and her best puppy-friend/basset hound Izzy. She went to VCU for art school and now teaches high school photography and art.

  • Loni

    I’m pretty sure I have more tea than that in my cupboards :)
    I have a teapot and infusers (notice the “s” at the end of infusers), but what I need is a bigger teapot for guests. Mine is only really big enough for two… or one on a cold winter’s night.

    • Jacquelyn Pascucci

      I’m happy to know my tea collection is inferior to someone’s! I’ll have to tell my husband I’m not the craziest person (no offense). :)

      • Loni

        That’s okay. It is crazy. I’m always trying new things too.

  • Krissie

    YES! Sadly, I had to give up all my tea when I moved, we didn’t have enough room left in the car for a single other bag or box, so I’m gonna try to start building my collection back up. My favourite was a loose leaf Earl Grey that my grandma found for me in a teahouse about half an hour away, so I’m hoping I can get there eventually.

    • Jacquelyn Pascucci

      What a shame to lose your tea collection! So sad! If you were local I would rush over and give you some tea!

      • Krissie

        Luckily, I asked my grandma to buy me a box of tea when she went to Target one day to get some things :) Asked for just a box of plain Lipton tea, since we’re low on funds lately, but I ended up with two kinds of Earl Grey, one box of English Breakfast tea, a box of white peach and mango, and a box of Country Peach Passion :)

        • Jacquelyn Pascucci

          Well your grandma sounds perfect. :)

  • http://heidenkind.blogspot.com/ Tasha B. (heidenkind)

    I LOVE tea! Actually I had to cut way way back on it because it was making me sick (true story). Now I drink like a cup or week. ::sadface:: My favorite tea is oolong, but you can’t go wrong with a good Earl Grey.

    • Jacquelyn Pascucci

      It’s true. You can’t go wrong with either. Mmmmmm….. Earl Grey….. I’m so sorry it was making you sick! That’s awful! All tea? You can’t even have herbal tea?

  • Dana Staves

    Love tea, and love this post! In college, when I felt a little guilty for reading novels for homework, I’d often make a cup of tea and grab a cookie or two for tea time. I love cups and saucers and little tea spoons. We don’t have a good tea shop around here, so Teavana is my source, but I used to love going to tea shops and smelling the tea. Thanks for taking me back there!

    • Jacquelyn Pascucci

      Thanks, Dana! I love sipping tea while reading. They just seem to go together quite nicely, don’t they?

  • Imre Spoor

    My obsession with tea got me owning my own tea and coffee store, with over 150 different kinds of tea and infusion… Does that count :p? I enjoy a good cup of Oolong (Wuuyi Dark Rock is one of my favourites right now), but a nice glass of Gyokuro (Japanese green tea) or Rooibos (either red or green) can give me goosebumps as well. I like to mix my own blend (“Earl Smaug”) as well, which is a smokey Earl Grey (Earl Grey based on Lapsang Souchong) with Yogi spices. After reading your post, I wondered if you ever tried a japanese powder or ‘Matcha’ tea? If not, go and try that!

    • Jacquelyn Pascucci

      OK Solarboy, you and I should probably hang out! Where is this tea and coffee store?

      • Solarboy Djangon

        If you’re ever in the neighbourhood of Bruges (Belgium), I’ll brew you a cup of matcha myself.

        • Jacquelyn Pascucci

          Haha awesome. It’s good to know people all over the world. :)

    • Jacquelyn Pascucci

      Also, I have not tried Matcha tea. I will keep an eye out for it!