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Easy Chicken Wangs

“Tommy likey. Tommy want wingy.”

Chris Farley Tommy BoyAt my house we call them “wangs.” One, because we’re Southern and things come out funny. And B, wing night is a fun deal for us because we have an opportunity to get creative with sauce. A special word is necessary.

Drumettes can be such a tease, so we have started buying whole wings because they’re a two-fer. A drumette AND the weird two-boned piece! Instead of frying them, we GRILL the little guys. The flavor is so much better, and you’re not bogged down with the total hassle that frying so often turns into (or in my case, the inevitable kitchen fire).

For our most recent wang fest, my husband Robby G and I each made two wang sauces. He made a classic buffalo sauce (BUTTERRR) and a killer Asian sauce (bottled stir-fry sauce that he added onion powder, garlic powder, and crushed red pepper flakes to) while I honeyed up spicy brown mustard and tried once again to perfect my lemon mop. Whenever I perfect my lemon mop formula, I’ll holler. It still needs work.

We typically brush a little sauce on the wangs for their last few minutes of grilling, then toss them in the sauce immediately after pulling them off. It’s always fun to see which turned out better (he won this round with Asian sauce, but my mustard was a close second), and it is a great opportunity to experiment with food without having a major dinner fail. It’s almost impossible to screw up chicken wings unless you burn them. And even then… you get crispy chicken skin. OM NOM NOM






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About Emily Gatlin

Emily Gatlin is a former independent bookstore manager turned freelance writer. She writes about books, blunders, and noms at A Prose For Emily. Follow her on Twitter: @emilygatlin.

  • raych

    Drumettes are so gross, I can’t even believe you. We buy a box of just the flatties, it’s the perfect thing.

    Also, apropos of mostly nothing, my college roommate and i call shrimp ‘shramp’ because of a sign we saw on a road trip, and now we can’t stop.