Food GIFs for Every Occasion

I think we can all agree that food is an important part of life. It’s how we mark special occasions and how we get through bad times. It’s how we connect with people and how we treat ourselves. So, just as there’s a food experience for each moment of our lives, I think there’s also a food GIF for every occasion, too. Here’s a few to get us started.

For when you bite off a bit more than you can chew:

Pizza Slice GIF

For when you finally get a table at that fancy restaurant you’ve read so much about:

SpongeBob Eating GIF

For when you spend hours reading food blogs and get overwhelmed by all the amazing recipes (hint—try Food Riot Recipes instead of your bra…it’ll be less messy):

I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory

For when you decide to try Atkins:

Mouse Sandwich

For when you give up on Atkins because PIZZA AND ICE CREAM SHUT UP:

Junk Food GIF

For when you decide to make everything from scratch:

Pate a Chou GIF

For when you say, “Fuck it!” and tear into the nearest bag of processed deliciousness:

Simpsons GIF

For the first time you use that awesome new kitchen gadget:

Mad Hatter Tea Party GIF

For the second time you use that awesome new kitchen gadget and it falls apart before your eyes:

Kitchen Fail GIF

For after a long day at the office when you didn’t get to take a lunch because your coworkers are morons:

Food More Than People GIF

For a first date:

Lady and the Tramp GIF

For a breakup:

Sad Burger GIF

For the premiere of Aquaman 6: Under the Sea or whatever:

Hamster Popcorn

For when you’re so into your food that you don’t notice everyone staring:

Bill Snyder Eating

And finally, for when you can’t decide whether to pronounce “GIF” with a hard or soft G and worrying about it makes you want a peanut-butter sandwich :






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About Derek Attig

Derek Attig writes and teaches about book culture, technology, and history. When he's not working on a book about bookmobiles in American life, you can find Derek cooking or spending way too much money at restaurants. He blogs at Bookmobility.org. Follow Derek on Twitter: @bookmobility