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What to Eat While You Binge-View ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season 4 on Netflix

And lo, the gods of television decided to bring back Arrested Development, and to bring it back all at once by releasing the whole fourth season on Netflix streaming. And it was good.

Put on your Nevernude cutoff shorts, settle onto the couch in the model home, and get ready to spend the day mainlining America’s favorite dysfunctional family. The Bluths are back this Sunday, and you’re going to need fuel to keep you going.

Start the day like Lucille with a vodka rocks…and a piece of toast.

vodka and toast

Not quite that hardcore? Make like Annyong and Buster and go for a juice box instead. Be careful not to pierce it with your hook. And remember, if you let juice sit out overnight, it will turn into alcohol.

annyong juice boxbuster bluth juice boxTime for protein! Take a pack of mayonnaise, squirt it in your mouth, add an egg, and mmmmmmm. Mayonegg!



For lunch, you should try to have some vegetables, or vegetable-containing substances. Cornballs are great, if you don’t mind the burning hot oil and you promise not to sue. Don’t have a Cornballer hanging around? Here’s a recipe for homemade fried corn balls. 

cornballer arrested development

Midday snack time! You’ve been watching all day, and you deserve a whole thing of candy beans! I don’t know about Michael Bluth, but I’m pretty partial to mix-your-own Jelly Bellys.

arrested development candy beansTime for lunch! Keep it light with hot ham water (just add some years-old canned ham to a pot and boil), or if you’re feeling a little piqued from all the time indoors, go al fresco and have some pool food! Curly fries for everyone!

lucille bluth curly fries

While you’re out and about, you should for sure swing by the boardwalk (or hop on your trusty Segway) and get a Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana. (You knew this was coming.)

bluth's original frozen banana stand

Banana stands have been popping up all over the place lately, but you can also DIY with this recipe from A Duck’s Oven.

chocolate covered frozen bananaAnd now, for dinner. You can blue yourself:

tobias funke blue myselfOr you can Chicken Cordon Bleu yourself. Take a page from Lindsay’s book by serving it half-raw, sauced with the water you thawed it out in.

Cordon_BleuOr you can be a straight-up chicken and get your dance on. Happy binge-viewing!

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