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Morning Grind: May 9, 2013

Our daily morning roundup of food-related fare from around the web.

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While plankton is most commonly known as a mealtime treat for fish and whales, Ángel León has created a 21 course tasting menu based on the sea-based bacteria, which he is serving up at his Michelin-starred restaurant for a tasty 105 euros.

Unsurprisingly, plankton isn’t recommended for human consumption and even León has made himself sick when cooking with it in the past.

Last I checked, I didn’t look like a blue whale.


Investment service company UBS finds that in the four weeks before April 13, imported and craft beer increased in sales, while bigger beer brands like Budweiser saw sales drop.

Go little guys, go!


Baking, says Holmes, is “an antidote to modern life.” Hands getting dirty cracking eggs and mixing flour are too busy to check email, which Holmes says, is a big part of the attraction. (Funny enough, that was also part of the appeal of fight club for the characters in Palahniuk’s novel.)

But…people don’t punch me in the ear when I’m baking, so…


Elected officials in Albany yesterday unanimously approved a bill banning the sale and distribution of shark fins, an integral ingredient of a soup that’s sometimes served on auspicious occasions in traditional Chinese culture.

I totally support this, but my second thought is: why is so much of the food news coming out of New York about what they’re banning next?



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