Morning Grind

Morning Grind: May 8, 2013

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Prodded by the largest U.S. hummus maker, farmers in the heart of tobacco country are trying to grow chickpeas, an improbable move that reflects booming demand for hummus.

Better chickpeas than tobacco, I guess.


 Forget everything you know about that cafeteria side dish kids love—these tots are for adults only. From sandwich shops to fine dining temples, restaurants are tricking out tater tots in new ways, transforming them into bar snacks, entrees, Bloody Mary garnishes and even serving tots without the tater.

I don’t even need a reason why. Gimme your tots.


Do manners matter? Well, yes, of course. White gloves may not be relevant in most circles these days, but a little courtesy never hurt anyone. I’m not sure where I got “White Gloves and Party Manners,” because my mother wasn’t terribly concerned with rules for situations that would likely never happen. (Her advice on complicated place settings: use the silverware from the outside in and, when in doubt, do whatever the oldest lady at the table does, because manners dictate that she’s always right.)

If we followed the do-what-the-oldest-lady-at-the-table-does rule in my house, dinner would mostly be “that’s what she said” jokes.




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