Food Fetish

Food Fetish: Dinosaur Edition

Must-haves for your cooking and eating life.

This week’s Food Fetish combines two of my greatest loves in life: dinosaurs and of course food. I hope some of you out there will squeal just as much I did about these perfectly prehistoric items.

Dinosaur Whisperer Cookie Jar: Not like T-Rex’s arms could reach the cookies anyway….


Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter: No crusts and you can reenact Jurassic Park with your lunch!


Triceratops Meat Chart Towel: I hear that Tricera-chops are particularly tender.


T-Rex Tea Infuser: Insert pun about tea with a real bite


Dino Pop Popsicle Mold: These popsicle molds are so much cooler than anything the ice cream truck ever had.



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