Garden Bounty: What Do I Do With All of These Eggs?

eggs_katerha_flickrHopefully I’ve converted some of you into crazy chicken people. If so, you’re probably balancing stacks of egg cartons in your fridge now and wondering just what you’re going to do with all of those eggs. It is, after all, the golden time for egg production–for my chickens, at least–when none of them are molting and it’s not yet hot enough to slow them down.

Besides giving away the extras to some very, very appreciative friends, what else can you do with all of those eggs? Don’t despair and don’t let them go to waste–here are my tried and true recipes for using up massive amounts of eggs in delicious ways for any meal of the day.

Spinach, Mushroom, and Feta Crustless Quiche from Budget Bytes

Obviously, quiches and frittatas are guaranteed a spot on this list (though, make sure and get yourself a cast iron before even attempting one–that’s an order!).

This one, by Beth at Budget Bytes, transcends the normal quiche by incorporating some healthy veggies with feta. When it comes to eggs, I’ve realized you can’t go wrong when there’s feta involved (see next recipe), at least most of the time (see last recipe).

Average meal for four uses four eggs. 

smitten_kitchen_shakshukaShakshuka from Smitten Kitchen

I need to write a post about how much I adore Deb from Smitten Kitchen, but suffice it to say that any time I have a new ingredient or am not sure what to cook for dinner, I go to her blog or cookbook (!!) first.

Shakshuka, an Israeli dish of poached eggs in tomato sauce with feta, may not immediately sound amazing (it’s why I didn’t try it for years), but Deb never leads me wrong. The eggs are a triumph here, poached to your liking and the feta ties it together into an amazing savory blend that is delicious on warm pita.

For a super fast, mid-week lunch, I throw two cans of Rotel in a small saucepan, heat it up, and throw in two eggs for a protein-rich fast lunch.

Average meal for four uses eight to ten eggs. 

Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream Recipe from David Lebovitz

I lie. This recipe is not tried and true, mostly because I just stumbled across it while researching this post. We have, however, made Lebovitz’s vanilla ice cream and it is absolutely superb with the rich, silky creaminess I demand out of my ice cream. This one promises to be so much better.

I mean, salted butter and caramel and heavy cream…? I’m afraid the ladies won’t be able to keep up with egg demands when we start making this in the summer. Or, you know, right this instant, temperature be damned.

Average batch uses five to eight egg yolks (use up to eight for a richer custard). 

Of course, if all else fails and these recipes seem like too much work, you can always go for one of Rebecca’s favorite dishes. What are your favorite recipes for using up large amounts of eggs?



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  • Amanda Shofner

    Can I come live by you, Nikki? *puppy dog eyes*

    My mom has gotten me in the habit of eating scrambled eggs (with lots of veggies!) for breakfast every morning, so we tend not to have a large surplus of eggs. I do have to say, though, that I love deviled eggs. Especially if there’s bacon involved.

    My mom has also experimented with individual egg bakes (by using a muffin tin). That would be a good way to use up eggs and have breakfast prepared ahead of time for a week or two.

    • Nikki Steele

      Done and done! We have a guest room ;)

      I eat scrambled eggs in breakfast burritos allll the time, so yeah, there’s not too much of a surplus most of the time (except when we go on vacation for a weekend and have two dozen eggs to go through). I also love that idea and was thisclose to posting muffin tin eggs!

  • Jacquelyn Pascucci

    Creme Brulee!!!!

    • Nikki Steele

      Oh I adore creme brulee!