Morning Grind

Morning Grind: April 23, 2013

Our daily morning roundup of food-related fare from around the web.

But now doctors and poison control experts are warning people that this seemingly harmless dare is more dangerous than it appears. A report published in the journal Pediatrics on Monday found that the stunt has led to a growing number of calls to poison control centers and visits to emergency rooms. Some teenagers have suffered collapsed lungs and ended up on ventilators.

No seriously, don’t do the cinnamon challenge.


San Francisco-area restaurant Bai Thong Thai has posted the above sign on its door, encouraging its diners to boycott online review site Yelp. “Stop the bully!” it reads. “Our customers repeatedly tell us they have submitted very good reviews…We asked Yelp, we were told, ‘Perhaps if you paid to do Yelp ads we could help you with this.’”

That can’t be good.


We have just received a lead on a photo emerging from a Carl’s Jr. location out of Newport Beach, CA that apparently is serving a Hand-Scooped Strawberry Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich.


In the name of all that is holy, please let this be true.




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