The Week’s Most Popular Posts: April 6-April 13, 2013

cafe central

Coffee came to Europe through Switzerland, where legend has it that a retreating Turkish army left huge bags of coffee behind. Of all the European capitols, though,  Vienna has perhaps the most robust coffee history–one directly connected to world events. Cafe Central was the haunt of thinkers that would profoundly change the Western world, from Sigmund Freud to Vladimir Lenin….to one young Adolf Hitler. Closed for several decades after World War II, Cafe Central has been completely renovated and is a popular spot with both locals and tourists.

From 7 Coffee Shops to Visit Before You Die, by Jeff O’Neal


All you need to do is head on over to the Williams-Sonoma website and do a little window (browser window, that is) shopping. Find out what you would spend $500 on, and then stick the links to your chosen items in the form below. You can pick a single item like this professional-grade stand mixer or a combination of fancy new knives and neat-o sounding kitchen gadgets- whatever whets your culinary whistle.

From our giveaway What Would You Buy With $500 at Williams-Sonoma?


God knows there are plenty of synonyms for being drunk – but being banjaxed is right up there on the list. This word, which originated in the 1930s in Ireland (but of course), is officially defined as being incapacitated or ruined. Gotta love the Irish.

From An Imbiber’s Lexicon: Five Fanciful Words For Drinking and Eating, by Shannon McIntyre


Seriously. What the fuck are we eating? I want to take a step back and think about this. What. Are. We. Eating?

From Empty Calories: Food-Style Food Products, by Brett Sandusky


And the most popular post from our sister site Book Riot:

If I were to have you guess novels based on their first lines, chances are you probably would do pretty well. For classic books, the first line becomes a sort of icon for the book, in many ways as recognizable and memorable as the plot and characters. But how well do you know the second lines of those greats?

From Guess These Famous Novels By Their Second Lines, by Jeff O’Neal





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