Rewind: 8 Untraditional Coffee Mugs

Now that our full site has launched (ain’t it pretty?!), we’re hopping in the wayback machine and sharing some of our best posts from the early days. 

Coffee mugs can come with cutesy little sayings, mustaches, and funny pictures, but these mugs are a non-conformists in their form as well as their paint job.

spiked coffee mug


Spiked coffee mug- because sometimes you’re so cranky in the morning, you need caffeine AND a weapon.

pour and shoot mug

Pour and Shoot Mug- Yes, the lid does come off.

grow up mug

Grow Up Mug has grass growing on the bottom because of reasons.

lego mug

Build-on Brick Mug (code for Lego), for emergency use when you’re bored at meetings.

beaker mug

Beaker mug- for the science teacher in your life.

tardis mug

TARDIS Mug- It’s not bigger on the inside.

rubiks cube mug

Rubik’s Cube Mug- If you set it on the desk with the handle facing you, people will think you solved it.

self stirring mugSelf-stirring Mug. Don’t have a spoon? Too lazy? Solved.


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