5 Whole Foods Snacks I Can’t Live Without

Please don’t give me a hard time for going to Whole Foods. Please don’t crack jokes about how Whole Foods should really be called “Whole Paycheck.” I know it’s so expensive even God is probably like “You know what, I think I’m just going to go make a run to Trader Joes.” I promise I don’t get all my food there. I don’t have trees in my backyard upon which money grows. However I do get my snacks there. All my snacks. I have to. It’s the only way I can force myself to snack properly. I treasure my Whole Food snacks. If I spent the day with you and I did not scream in your face or burst into tears or run to my room to slam the door multiple times just to make sure you heard the sound of the door slamming… it’s because of my Whole Food snacks. And my good childhood. And possessing decent health and residing in a first world country. But mostly my Whole Foods snacks!

Below, a list.

1.) Sally’s Smart Almonds

Unknown-37If the apocalypse happens, I’m running to WF to stock up on Sally’s Smart Almonds, and if you mess with me and my grocery cart I will render you unconscious and leave you for zombie food.  They come in such good flavors! I love jalapeño-lime the best, followed by orange-ginger, followed by lemon (come on lemon, go score a hyphen and a flavor-friend, be a hybrid, all the cool bags of almonds are doing it!). They recently came out with a new flavor, raspberry vinaigrette, which I’m excited/nervous to try.

2.) Made in Nature Dried Fruit

Unknown-38I know real fruit with all the water still inside is better for you, but dried fruit makes getting your snack on ten times easier! Made in Nature is great because they don’t add sugar, you look at the ingredients and it’s fruit and THAT’S IT. My favorite flavor is pineapple but I also like apricot a lot.

3.) Whole Foods 365 Non-Fat Yogurt

images-4Yogurt is an annoying snack because you can’t just drop it in your purse and forget about it for three days. Also you need a spoon! Still, it’s an important snack because of calcium… protein… things. I like my yogurt vanilla.  It’s a snack, not a Broadway production.




4.) Kevita Probiotic Drinks

images-5These bad boys are four, five bucks a piece. I know that’s crazy. I’m not arguing the craziness. But they have probiotics inside, and they are fizzy, and if you pretend really hard they almost taste like soda! I usually get one or two a week. I have no idea if this is enough probiotics for my stomach. Life is full of mysteries.


5.) Chocolate Peppermint Luna Bars

Unknown-39I know you can get Luna Bars basically everywhere, but I don’t get my snacks everywhere, I get them at Whole Foods! Chocolate Peppermint Luna Bars are so good my husband-to-be steals them EVEN THOUGH HE HAS CLIFF BARS IN THE CUPBOARD. I tried to lie and tell him the bars were made out of estrogen and would turn him into a girl but it didn’t work because my husband-to-be knows how the FDA works.

What does YOUR weekly snack run look like?


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