Riot Recommendation: Simple Summer Recipes

Here’s how Riot Recommendation works: we pick a theme, dish, ingredient, or meal and ask the Food Riot community to suggest their favorites. Sound good? Here we go!

Bowl of PanzanellaOh, seasonal eating is the best, isn’t it? The first crisp, cool day of fall hits, and all I can think about is the hot gouda dip at one of my favorite restaurants. The first snowfall, and it’s a pork shoulder in the crock pot, low and slow all day long. Spring shows up, and with it, anything and everything cooked on the grill. And then there’s summer (and it’s been feeling like summer here in Virginia this week–92 degrees is not, in fact,  okay with me this early in the year), with its blue skies and beating sun that drain me of any desire to cook at all. Virginia gets hot, humid, and sticky as hell, and all I want to do is fan myself and drink lemonade (heavily spiked with Firefly sweet tea vodka, natch).

My summer lethargy means that meals in my house stay on the super-simple side from about mid-April to mid-September. If you can make it with fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and peppers from the garden, I’m on it. Cold pasta salad is a standby. Deviled eggs because why not, and my husband’s perfect Caesar salads. Panzanella? Hell yes. What’s not to love about a dish that translates to “bread salad?”

And that’s about it. I need help, fellow Rioters. I don’t want to be boring in the kitchen for nearly half the year! What are your favorite simple summer recipes? Share them in the comments, and we’ll round-up the best suggestions in another post next week.