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Fourth Meal Glory with Mikey Roe

We’ve all been there. It’s late. You’ve had too much fun with your friends, and now you’re about to hobo stab one of them for some bacon. You need a fourth meal, and you need it yesterday (because it’s 2 AM).

After late-night channel surfing, I landed on Travel Channel’s Feed the Beast, which is an entire show dedicated to one man’s quest to seek and destroy ALL the ridiculous late night food in one city. Host Mikey Roe not only has a serious beard, he also has a serious love of fourth meals.

Mikey Roe
Mikey Roe, host of Travel Channel’s Feed the Beast, about to destroy some fries.

EG: How in the world did you get such an awesome gig?

Mikey: I went to film school in Santa Barbara and came to L.A. after that always working towards, producing, acting, writing, anything with entertainment. When Man Vs Food came out it really opened the doors for a non chef who is passionate about food to be your guide. Late night food was something I was good at. I always loved traveling and a good night out, which always ended in food. I was introduced to Ben and Dan Newmark, and we talked about the idea and they helped mold it into the structure of the show we ended up selling to Travel Channel.

EG: What is your favorite fourth-meal city?

Mikey: Every city is always so different, it really is hard to pick one as a favorite. The nightlife, food, people always change with every city. That is what I love about my job.

EG: Because it’s impossible and unfair to pick just one, what are your most memorable late night food experiences?

Mikey: The Biscuit Bitch in Seattle was definitely one of my favorite experiences. I am a sucker for biscuits and gravy late night! This place opens at 10pm and they call their biscuits “Bitches,” When they run out they close down. The owner and her daughter run the place and were just such free spirit cool souls. Had a blast with them. I also got pulled up to sing some blues riffs at Kingston Mines in Chicago. Being that I can’t sing worth a damn, it was quite interesting and turned pretty entertaining.

EG: What is your drink of choice?

Mikey: Jack and Ginger or whatever doesn’t have gin in it.

EG: Is there anything you won’t eat?

Mikey: Black Olives, I don’t understand them

EG: What makes an epic fourth meal?

Mikey: Great food, good friends recapping the night together, close location, and a little bacon never hurt nobody.

EG: Bacon. Yep.

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