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Morning Grind: March 14, 2013

By on March 14, 2013 8:00am EST

Our daily morning roundup of food-related fare from around the web.

Our daily morning roundup of food-related fare from around the web. 


For the hardline vegetarians and vegans out celebrating this St. Paddy’s Day: there could be traces of fish bladder in your Guinness.



Bacon Bacon owner Jim Angelus said Tuesday that the neighbor’s main concern is the smell coming from the business, which specializes in sandwiches highlighting bacon.


You have to be a special kind of scrooge to go after a business that makes your neighborhood smell like bacon.


Right up there with the overbearing maitre d’, the pushy waiter and the bossy chef, these bar brats act like they know what’s best for their customers. Ask for vodka, they’ll give you gin. Request a mainstream, top-shelf liquor, and they’ll look down on you and push an artisanal alternative of which you’ve never heard.

Bartenders are the next snooty baristas are the next snooty waiters are the next whatever.


As the white smoke cleared from the skies above the Vatican on Wednesday, one of the first widely reported personal tidbits to emerge about the newly selected pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is that the Argentine cooks for himself. But the new pontiff, who will now be known as Francis, is hardly a foodie, it seems.

Having an austere Pope might be a nice change of pace.

Amanda Nelson

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