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By on March 12, 2013 9:15am EST

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waffleConfession: I make and eat waffles from scratch for breakfast every. Single. Morning. Every day for the last few years. (I’ll pause while you reflect on this.) You’re probably saying one of the following things to yourself:

“She must weigh a million pounds.”
“How does she find time for that? She must wake up at the crack of dawn.”
Or as my brother told me, “Queens have been executed for such luxuries.”

I will address these thoughts.

I am not a million pounds, or even overweight. I’d actually say I’m on
the smaller side of humans. Calories first thing in the morning before an active
day are a good thing. The body needs calories. If I were eating a waffle every
day right before I went to sleep, we’d probably have a different situation on our

Okay so I kind of do wake up at the crack of dawn. But that’s because we teachers report to school much earlier than most of Corporate-America, not because of my waffle habit. Honestly, knowing I will consume waffles shortly is a wonderful incentive to get out of bed and prevent me from hitting the snooze button. Here’s my secret: make a large batch of batter on the weekend. Waffle batter keeps in the fridge for about a week. The amount of time it takes me to cook a waffle is about the same amount of time it takes me to toast a bagel. You just plug in the waffle iron, wait 2 minutes, pour the batter in the iron, wait 2 minutes, and eat the tasty waffle. So maybe that’s an extra 2 minutes waiting for the waffle iron to heat up. But it’s 2 minutes I’m willing to use.

My response to my brother’s comment was, “It’s not like I’m stealing food from the poor or having someone deliver me waffles in bed. I’m getting up and making them myself.”

If you’re the kind of person who just doesn’t have time for any breakfast at all in the mornings, may I try to convince you it’s worth not hitting the snooze button? Breakfast wakes me up and gives me energy I need to get out the door and try to wrangle 120 high school art kids.

If you do make time for breakfast, may I try to convince you it’s worth the little bit of preparation to make a big, hearty breakfast every day? I’m not pushing waffles on everyone. I know I’m one of the few weirdo routine-lovers who can eat the same thing for breakfast every day. But seriously, waffles are the best, in my humble opinion.

Think about it. Waffles have those squares that are perfect for holding al the butter and syrup with which you can fill them. Each bite becomes a little bread bowl of hot buttery and syrupy deliciousness. Is there a better way to begin the day? Okay protein is probably the healthy and correct answer there. I will rephrase the question. Is there a tastier way to begin the day than waffles? I think not.

Do it, guys! Give it a shot! Tell me how it goes.

Am I alone in this world? Does anyone else make a big breakfast every day? What are your tricks and tips? I’m open to suggestions!

Jacquelyn Pascucci

Jacquelyn lives in Richmond, VA with her best human-friend/husband David and her best puppy-friend/basset hound Izzy. She went to VCU for art school and now teaches high school photography and art.


  • http://twitter.com/PinkBBWhiskey Brandi Bailey

    And now my Soy protein drink breakfast seems extra sad.

  • L.L. Barkat

    oh, I just love this. You are very amusing. Refreshing. (and now, yes, I want waffles, but i am too lazy to make them. Do you do takeout? ;-)

  • Jacquelyn Pascucci

    L.L Barkat – Thanks! Hmm…about the take out…maybe if you lived in Richmond I could figure that out?

    Brandi – I’m sure your soy protein drink was wonderful. It’s probably healthier than a waffle. Just maybe not as fun. :)

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