Isn’t this pretty? Don’t you want one?


Our friends at Pop Chart Lab have given us one of their huge (24″by 36″) and hugely awesome Cartography of Kitchenware posters to give away. This baby normally goes for $32, and it would look pretty sweet hanging in your house FOR FREE. Here’s how to enter:

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Entries accepted until Tuesday, February 26 at 11:59pm Eastern.


  • Symantha Foreman

    I put it on facebook!

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    On Facebook! I’m @Janniverse on Twitter.

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    I put it on Facebook, and if I win (fingers crossed!) I am @baedeker_baby on Twitter.

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  • Rose Halloran

    I have friends that can never figure out some of the tools that I have in my kitchen drawer or in a holder on my counter. Hopefully they will be able to figure it out if they could see it on a chart. Even a rocket scientist needs some help at times…. I put it on facebook

  • Katherine Ivan

    Shared on FB and Twitter (@kate_ivan) …….. thanks for offering this sweet giveaway!

  • Motik17

    One of the coolest posters!

  • MegsGranger

    I own NONE of these kitchen implements, so it would be nice to just have pictures of them I think. : ) @megsgranger

  • Elaine Shindelar

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  • Kim

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    I love kitchen tools!

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    This is an awesome poster!

  • Tanya A

    Lovely! Shared on Twitter @breakfastquest

  • Funnilyquaint

    Shared! My husband and I are moving to our first real place soon and this would look awesome in our kitchen!

    • Funnilyquaint

      Cxinya at gmail

  • P.

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  • Kolja Keller

    Posted. I really want this bad boy!

    • Kolja Keller

      Oh, contact info, huh. I suppose I can check @koljakeller for the winningness.

  • Anouska Belotti

    Shared on facebook ! i need it so i know finally what to use in the kitchen and maybe become a great cook ! :)

  • Jason Spiegel

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    Posted to facebook. Hoping to get this as a first Father’s day present for my hubby. :)

  • Christy

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    I want one! These are awesome!

    • Guest

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