5 Gadgets To Minimize Drunken Injuries

If you’re going to get sloshed, you’re going to have to live with the consequences. So let’s try to prevent as much disaster as possible with the help of these handy-dandy drinking gizmos:

Smart Ice Cubes: these ice cubes contain tech that keeps track of how many sips of your drink you’ve had, and changes from green to red when you’re reaching your limit.

smart ice cubes



Drinkmaster Hoodie: has a bottle opener on the zipper, pockets for beer/flask, snap pockets for ID, and built-in gloves to protect your itty-biddy-widdle fingers from the frost on your can!


Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler: never stumble when you’re drinking because you never have to get up! Works on carpet, too.

remote controlled cooler

Kebo One-handed Bottle Opener: help prevent the accidental self-stabbing of the hand that comes with the two-handed bottle opener. This is actually based on a bottle opener design from the 1930′s!

one handed bottle opener

Intoxicase and App- the Intoxicase is a durable bottle opener case for your iPhone, and you can purchase a companion app that keeps track of how many you’ve had in one sitting.


  • Jason Kabler

    Remote controlled cooler? Best idea ever!